Wine and Cheese Pairing Ideas

Wine and Cheese Pairing Ideas

by McWilliam's Wines, 16 June 2017

We have cheddar, triple cream, and stinky blues lined up for your next glass of wine. Check out these modern variations on classic wine and cheese pairings.

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Preparing a Wine and Cheese Party

What better way to taste a variety of pairings then to throw a wine and cheese party? Purchase a few different cheeses from a cheese shop & ask the cheesemonger for more recommendations. There is a huge variety across the McWilliam’s range to offer a memorable cheese matching experience.
Be sure to serve the wine and cheese at their proper temperatures, so their flavours can emerge. Serve white wine at 12-16°C, red wine at 15-18°C and remove the cheese from the refrigerator 30 to 60 minutes prior to serving.

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