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The Australian landscape is as varied as it is vast. From hot, rural locations to mountainous cool-climate regions, the New South Wales vineyards from which McWilliam’s source their fruit embody this diversity.

The weather conditions, geography and soil are some of the key factors that inevitably leave their footprint across each bottle of wine. The McWilliam’s winemaking philosophy centres on the quality of fruit and this means that there must be an intimate understanding across all regions of the complex relationship that exists between the land, the climate and the winemaker.


The tropical climate of the Riverina area produces a range of quality mainstream varietals like Shiraz and Chardonnay as well as quality dessert wines.

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Cool climate conditions, high altitude and temperature fluctuations provide a perfect environment for the production of premium wines.

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The unique alpine location of the Tumbarumba region produces premium sparkling wines, as well as cool-climate Pinot Noir and Chardonnay table wines

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Set within a tranquil rural countryside, the area is one of the most promising emerging wine regions of NSW, producing world class Shiraz and Chardonnay.

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Visit the Riverina

The Riverina is an idyllic snapshot of rural Australian life, renowned for its natural beauty, superb fresh produce and rich history. The region is a stunning patchwork of landscapes, ranging from the larger cities of Wagga Wagga and Griffith to miles of stretching farmland and vineyards. Speckled throughout are the pockets of smaller towns, full of character and embodying the soul of Australian country life.