Our Winemakers

McWilliam’s Wines have always believed that quality wines are made by people, not companies. As well as a long list of family winemakers and employees, McWilliam’s are blessed by a team of staff that share the passion for the range of McWilliam’s wines.

Russell Cody

Senior McWilliam's Winemaker

Ask Russell Cody, the straight talking senior member of the McWilliam’s winemaking team, what it takes to make a career in wine and you’ll get a blunt answer ‘be prepared for hard work as it is not all beer and skittles.

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Scott McWilliam

Global Family Ambassador

Scott McWilliam is a sixth generation winemaker, so it is fair to say that he was born into the Australian wine industry.

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Mel McWilliam

Mel grew up in Sydney and was immersed in the world of wine from an early age. She has fond memories of her Grandfather, telling tales of working in the vineyards, and remembers childhood visits to the Hanwood Estate Winery.

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