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McWilliam’s Show Reserve Rare Muscat

With 140 years and six generations of winemaking experience, McWilliam’s has a long and prestigious history in producing fortified wines. With its wealth of experience, McWilliam’s affords its vintage fortifieds the time to cellar and releases them only when they reach optimum maturity. This Show Reserve Rare Muscat delivers a palate of concentrated raisin and fruit mince tart characters.

ALC/VOL : 18.5  %
COLOUR : Rich deep brown tawny with a khaki rim.
WINEMAKER : Russell Cody

FOOD PAIRING SUGGESTION : It's your liquid Christmas pudding... enjoy!!

PEAK DRINKING : Best consumed within 1 year of opening.


Riverina, NSW


Fresh lifted Muscat fruit aromas with Christmas cake, raisins and hints of citrus peel combining with intense oak aged nutty flavours.


Rich, intense but very smooth and luscious. Muscat flavours with some concentrated raisin and fruit mince tart characters in huge concentration. The finish is rich and mouth coating and lingers for a long time.