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McWilliam’s Flavour Infusions Spice Royale

McWilliam’s Flavour infusions puts a new spin on your classic fortified wine. Spice Royale is the perfect balance of spice and sweetness. Classically smooth and warming, with hints of vanilla, brown sugar, dried fruit, cinnamon and oak. Decandent and delicious whether you blend it with mixers or enjoy it on the rocks.

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ALC/VOL : 17.5  %
COLOUR : Brown, garnet with a hint of brick red.
WINEMAKER : Russell Cody

FOOD PAIRING SUGGESTION : Bread and butter pudding or as a fruit marinade for a pudding.

PEAK DRINKING : Within 2 years


South Eastern Australia


Lifted spicy cinnamon stick with a rum background.


The rum and brown spice flavours carry through onto the palate that combine with vanilla bean and brown sugar. The finish is soft but warming from both the flavours and the alcohol in the wine.