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McWilliam’s Flavour Infusions Espresso Press

McWilliam’s Flavour infusions puts a new spin on your classic fortified wine. Espresso Press combines deep and rich roast coffee bean flavour with a touch of dark chocolate balanced with a smooth finish. Slightly sweet, with a touch of bitterness at the end. Delicious and refreshing whether you blend it with mixers or enjoy it on the rocks.

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Espresso and Tonic

The Masculine

Espresso Double

ALC/VOL : 17.5  %
COLOUR : Deep dark brown, with a khaki rim.
WINEMAKER : Russell Cody

FOOD PAIRING SUGGESTION : Tiramisu? or alternatively use as part of a marinade.

PEAK DRINKING : Within 2 years


South Eastern Australia


Intense black coffee flavour with hints of chicory essence.


The intense coffee bean flavour follows through on the palate with a hint of burnt toffee and caramel. "Kopiko" lolly flavoured with a smooth, soft, almost creamy finish.