Calabria Family Wines

To our friends in the Australian wine industry,
We are pleased to share with you that Calabria Family Wines’ purchase of McWilliam’s
Wines is now complete.
Both of our families have a rich heritage, contributing much to the Australian wine industry
and the Riverina wine region. While the recent acquisition closes a difficult period for the
McWilliam family, I speak for everyone in the Calabria family that we aim to respect their
many contributions to the growth of Australian wine and champion the unique attributes that
have made the McWilliam’s name celebrated around the world.
Since our own founding 75 years ago, the supportive relationships with our Riverina
neighbours have always been an important part of our journey, not least with the McWilliam
family. The McWilliam’s were instrumental in helping my father, Francesco Calabria, in
establishing our vineyard and winery. I know that it’s in this spirit that Frank, Michael, Andrew
and Elizabeth are proud and honoured to be working with Scott McWilliam and the rest of
the family to bring both of our businesses together in the best way possible.
Over the next four weeks, our focus will be to integrate each McWilliam’s Wines business
department into our own - from production and sales to marketing and operations. We aim to
align all systems to work together, while both brands maintain their unique identities.
Our ultimate goal is to ensure we are both on a path to prosperity. Combined, McWilliam’s
and Calabria have over two centuries of winemaking experience and excellence - and it’s
our goal to give the utmost respect to that. While these businesses will continue to operate
as two entities, both families will work together - stronger as one.
Importantly, all distribution enquiries will now be handled directly through Calabria Family
Wines. For any requests, please contact customer service at 1800 800 584.
We will update you with any further developments as they occur, but for now, we wanted to
share our excitement as the Calabria and McWilliam family enter a new era in our Australian
wine journey.
Bill Calabria, AM
Winemaker & Managing Director
Calabria Family Wines
Image: Andrew Calabria and Scott McWilliam pictures at the iconic McWilliam’s Cellar Door Barrel