McWilliam’s Wines Group Ltd Hanwood Winery Site

Contacting authorities and neighbours in the event of a pollution incident

As Part of: Site Pollution Incident Response Management Plan

McWilliam’s Wines Group Ltd, Hanwood, has in place a Pollution Incident Response Management Plan in accordance with the Protection of the Environment Legislation Amendment Act 2011 (POELA Act) and as part of Environmental Protection Licence No. 20368.

It is a legal requirement to report pollution incidents immediately to the relevant authorities as listed below, and to have in place procedures to notify and provide information to neighbours in the event of a pollution incident.

A pollution incident is required to be notified if there is a risk of ‘material harm to the environment’, defined as:

a) Harm to the environment is material if:

(i) It involves actual or potential harm to the health or safety of human beings or to ecosystems that is not trivial, or

(ii) It results in actual or potential loss or property damage of an amount, or amounts in aggregate, exceeding $10,000, and

b) Loss includes the reasonable costs and expenses that would be incurred in taking all reasonable and practicable measures to prevent, mitigate or make good harm to the environment.


In the event of a pollution incident, a trained McWilliam’s Wines staff member will contact the parties listed below in the order given.


Police, Ambulance, Fire Brigade

(if incident presents an immediate threat to human health or property)



131 555

Griffith Base Hospital

6969 5555

Local Police Station

6969 4299


13 10 50

Griffith City Council

6962 8100

Fire & Rescue NSW

(if 000 has already been called you do not need to call this number)

1300 729 579

The same person, or nominee, must also contact the site management team personnel.

Neighbours will be notified by trained McWilliam’s Wines representatives.

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