Drink beer and don’t know where to even begin with wine? Check out this guide! Here are 12 popular styles of beer and their wine equivalents. 

wine guide for beer lovers chart - lager, cider IPA

If you like Lager, try Vermentino

Vermentinos are medium bodied, and often refreshing with natural acidity, much like a dry and crisp lager.

If you like Cider, try Moscato

If you like your tart and fizzy Ciders, then sparkling moscato is right up your alley.

If you like IPA, try Sauvignon Blanc

Hoppy India Pale Ale’s and grassy Sauvignon Blancs are both versatile, bright, bold and herbal, often featuring notes of citrus.

wine for beer lovers - wheat beer, pale ale, pilsner

If you like Wheat Beer, try Chardonnay

Chardonnays, like Wheat Beer, are complex while still being smooth, light and refreshing.

If you like Pale Ale, try Pinot Noir

Pinot Noirs are earthy yet light, and like Pale Ales, are popular for being balanced and mellow.

If you like Pilsner, try Pinot Grigio

A Pinot Grigio’s simultaneously sweet and spicy notes are reminiscent of a Pilsner’s strong hops and spiced profile.

wine for beer lovers chart - amber ale, belgian ale, dopplebock

If you like Amber/Red Ale, try Rosé

Rosés are characteristically full and sweet, so lovers of the malt centric Amber/Red Ale will feel right at home.

If you like Belgium Ale, try Shiraz

Both Belgium Ales and fruit forward wines, like Shiraz, stand on their own, with a similar profile of big body, high alcohol and inherent sweetness.

If you like Doppelbock, try Merlot

Merlots have a characteristically smooth finish with a subtle chocolate flavour, making it an easy transition from the palatable and malty Doppelbock.

wine for beer lovers chart - porter, stout, barrel aged

If you like Porter, try Syrah

Both Porters and Syrahs are known for being powerful, dark and full bodied.

If you like Stout, try Cabernet Sauvignon

Cabernet Sauvignon is a dark and full bodied wine with strong and layered fruit flavours; the red wine version of a bold and roasted malty stout.

If you like Barrel Aged, try Tawny

Tawnys are strong and jammy dessert wines, with flavours as in-your-face and textured as your favourite barrel aged beers.

This is an edited version of a story that first appeared on Wine Country Gift Baskets.