McWilliam’s Family Winemakers has been recognised on the international stage at the 2014 China Wine and Spirits Best Value Awards.

The family owned Australian wine group were among the top Australian and international performers at the prestigious show, taking home a remarkable 21 medals, including 6 double gold medals and twelve gold medals.

The iconic Coonawarra winery Brand’s Laira led the charge with the 2012 “The Laira” Cabernet Sauvignon securing a double gold medal. Gold medals were then awarded for the 2012 “1893” Shiraz, 2012 “1893” Cabernet Sauvignon, 2012 Foundation Cabernet Merlot and 2011 Blockers Cabernet Sauvignon.

Evans & Tate continued their stellar run as one of Margaret River’s most awarded wineries. They received 6 medals in total, including 3 double gold medals for the 2012 Breathing Space Shiraz, 2011 Redbrook Shiraz and the 2010 Artisan Margaret River Cabernet Sauvignon.

McWilliam’s Export Manager Garrick Harvison says that the results point to the continued success of the brands within the McWilliam’s portfolio in the Chinese and Asian markets.

The fact that we received such strong results across so many brands is fantastic recognition of the quality of our wines. Receiving six double gold medals and twelve gold medals illustrates the high quality and depth of the wines in our portfolio. These results should serve to maintain and further our successful push in to the Chinese and Asian wine markets.

He also says that it is a positive sign to see recognition for wines at all price points.

“It wasn’t just flagship wines that received accolades- fantastic value wines like the McWilliam’s Hanwood Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon also took home gold medals.”

McWilliam’s CEO Robert Blackwell says that the awards reflect the emphasis McWilliam’s are putting on regionality.

“It is a very humbling sign to see that gold medals were bestowed to our wines from Coonawarra, Margaret River, Hunter Valley, Hilltops, Barossa Valley and McLaren Vale.  This really captures the fact that we are producing benchmark wines from the best regions across Australia and that they are being recognised and supported in China.”

The China Wine and Spirits Best Value Awards are a prestigious event and carry significant weight in the Chinese wine market, as they attract judges from all decision makers within the market, ranging from buyers to distributors and sommeliers.

Australian wineries were by far the most successful at the 2014 competition, taking home 351 medals in total, in front of Italy with 139.


McWilliam’s Family Winemakers received the following medals:

Brand’s Laira: 2012 Brand’s Laira ‘The Laira’ Cabernet Sauvignon (Double Gold); 2012 Brand’s Laira 1893 Shiraz (Gold); 2012 Brand’s Laira 1893 Cabernet Sauvignon (Gold); 2012 Brand’s Laira Foundation Cabernet Merlot (Gold); 2011 Brand’s Laira Blockers Cabernet Sauvignon (Gold)

Evans & Tate: 2012 Evans and Tate Breathing Space Shiraz (Double Gold); 2010 Evans and Tate Artisan Margaret River Cabernet Sauvignon (Double Gold); 2011 Evans and Tate Redbrook Shiraz (Double Gold); 2011 Evans and Tate Split River Cabernet Sauvignon (Gold); 2011 Evans and Tate Spilt River Shiraz (Gold); 2012 Evans and Tate Breathing Space Cabernet Sauvignon (Gold); 2012 Evans and Tate Classic Shiraz (Bronze)

Barwang: 2011 Barwang Regional Cabernet Sauvignon (Gold); 2012 Barwang Regional Shiraz (Gold); 2009 Barwang GDR Cabernet Sauvignon (Gold); 2013 Barwang ‘The Wall’ Cabernet Sauvignon (Gold); 2013 Barwang ‘The Wall’ Shiraz (Silver)

McWilliam’s: 2013 Hanwood Chardonnay (Gold); 2012 Hanwood Cabernet Sauvignon (Gold); 2012 Hanwood Shiraz (Bronze)

Mount Pleasant: 2012 Mount Pleasant Elizabeth Semillon (Double Gold); 2011 Mount Pleasant Philip Shiraz (Gold)

Partisan: 2012 Partisan White Label Shiraz (Double Gold)

Zeppelin: 2012 Zeppelin Big Bertha Shiraz (Gold)