McWilliam’s Wines Appellation Range

McWilliam’s WINES is proud to launch the new Appellation Range, showcasing the best wine regions of NSW.

The new range includes wines from some of the most exciting cool climate regions of NSW, embracing the developing appreciation and popularity of the emerging NSW wine regions.

From Tumbarumba McWilliam’s presents a Chardonnay and a sparkling Pinot Noir Chardonnay. There is also a Hilltops Shiraz and a Hilltops Cabernet Sauvignon, as well as a Sauvignon Blanc from Orange and a Canberra Syrah.

McWilliam’s Chief Winemaker Jim Chatto says the new range is an important step for McWilliam’s.

“McWilliam’s new Appellation range spearheads a new era for the 137 year old Family company, being part of a new vision for McWilliam’s in championing the very best of NSW. Appellation focuses on the ‘hero’ varietals and styles that make NSW such a rich & diverse wine landscape.’

He says that the key to the Appellation wines lies in their representation of the specific regions.

‘With the appellation range we are working with our best sites and their diverse altitudes, latitudes and aspects, to convey a real sense of place; to tell the story of NSW wine. The ‘appellation’ dictates the style, we merely bring to life its potential!’ 

Senior McWilliam’s Winemaker Bryan Currie says that the range epitomizes the way in which winemaking can represent a region above all else.

“It’s exciting because it gives the winemakers license to make wines in their original styles. The appellation range is really region specific- these are wines that express their region above anything else, more than the winemaker or the winery.”

Strategic Marketing Manager Nicholas Crampton says that a lot of passion has gone into the project and he anticipates a huge response.

‘We are always very proud of our great winemakers and knew they would have these wines singing. For us the challenge was ensuring these fragrant, medium bodied, exciting wines translated to someone viewing the label. McWilliam’s commissioned an artist to create a beautiful piece displaying the rich diversity and individual character of these cooler climate wine regions. We are very pleased with them.’

Each label features an original, hand painted artwork seeking to capturing the spirit of the region the wine is sourced from.