McWilliam’s Wines is excited to announce a new range of wines called the McW range, a contemporary new sub brand based on the integral relationship between the land, the climate and the winemaker.

The range features McW 480 and McW 660 Reserve series which are crafted by the distinct character and every ebb and flow of the landscape, showcasing the elegance and intensity of high altitude, cool climate regions of New South Wales.

Each product is named after the average altitude that the grapes are ripened at, shaping the taste profile of every wine to create character and quality.

McW 480 offers generous, yet sophisticated wines from NSW high-country, including the Tumbarumba Sauvignon Blanc, Hilltops Shiraz and Tumbarumba Pinot Grigio.

Harvested from vines grown at an average of 480 metres above sea level, these cool climate wines are a perfect match to many cuisines.

McW 660 Reserve range is a true expression of the rich diversity and sophistication of high altitude wines, encapsulating modern Australian styles with a medium body.

Harvested from vines grown at an average of 660 metres above sea level, the longer growing season allows flavours to develop slowly and to full maturity.

The range includes the Tumbarumba Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, Hilltops Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz and a Canberra Syrah – all medium bodied wines with intense flavour.

According to Chief Winemaker, Jim Chatto, “The McW 480 and 660 Reserve ranges personify everything we love about cool climate wine. Pure and elegant, yet intense wines; with great natural balance making them perfect for so many occasions and a wonderful introduction to the character and quality that come from these exciting regions.”

The McWilliam’s McW 480 (RRP$19.00) and 660 Reserve (RRP$28.00) wines are available from June 2017.