We recently caught up with Always Wining at Sydney’s Steel Bar in Carrington Street. Always Wining are MW, Ash P and Tank, and you can find them at @alwayswining.

So, how did Always Wining start?

We started out simply by enjoying the wine we were drinking, and sharing these experiences with each other as friends. And then we thought, why not share these experiences with a broader audience?

We all still have our day jobs, so this is still very much about the passion we all share for great wine.

In fact, Andrew (aka Tank) didn’t originally like drinking wine especially, but by introducing him to carefully-selected varieties, we managed to convert him! And now he has the largest collection, about 250 wines!

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The thing about wine is that it's subjective. So whilst Ash P and Tank both preferred the Chardonnay, my most memorable white from the @mcwilliamswines and @entertainmentbook dinner was the Vermentino. Maybe it's because I'd never had a Vermentino before that this wine surprised me so much. Hefty lemon sherbert and floral aromas had me expecting a much more full bodied wine. I was very mistaken, the wine is delicate, with subtle notes of nashi pear, creamy palate and decent length. With or without food, this wine will be a party pleaser as the weather gets warmer and bbq season gets into full swing - MW 📷 by Tank #alwayswining #australianwine #aussiewine #nswwine #vermentino #whitewine #wine #wino #vin #vino #winetasting #wineoclock #winelover #ilovewine #lovewine #winestgram #igerswine #wineglass #foodandwine #dinner #salad #summer #bbqseason

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What’s your relationship with your audience?

Any success we’ve had has come maintaining our integrity and our belief in what we do. We will only talk about wines that we would drink ourselves, and that we have actually tasted. And we don’t think there’s much point in posting something about a wine we’ve not enjoyed. It’s not an experience we want to share.

We remain three guys enjoying a shared experience – the only thing that’s changed is that we’re sharing that experience with a few more people. We love our wines, but we love wines that others can also afford.

We post wines that are for the everyday man and woman, that are affordable and accessible. We find that we also have a lot of international followers that are interested in local ranges.

Which comes first – the meal or the wine?

Ash: I take photos first, then I open the wine and taste it. If the wine is nothing special, I tend not to post, so the process is kind of backwards, I guess. But that’s the way I do things, it’s very organic, and it’s actually, I think, very authentic. I never plan to start an evening planning to post about a bottle or wine. I always plan for the moment or the event, choose the wine, then photograph it, then taste, and then consider whether or not it’s worth sharing on the page.

MW: The food comes first. With a one-year old at home, my wife and I plan our week’s meals at weekends, and practicalities come into the planning. With a one-year old in and around the kitchen early evening, we’re not going to be preparing a gourmet meal! Then we choose the wine to match the meal. And this all sounds more-planned than it actually is!

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What a great way to end a meal. McWilliams Morning Light botrytis semillon 2010 with and orange chiffon cake. The wine had strong flavours of apricots and marmalade. Good acidity so the wine didn't seem overly sweet or thick in texture. With the cake, the apricots flavour was more predominate. Thank you to our hosts Alex and Zoe for the dinner. The collaboration between the Steel Bar & Grill and McWilliams wines was very well thought out. -Tank #alwayswining #australianwine #nswwine #semillon #2010 #dessertwine #whitewine #wine #wino #winetime #winenot #winegeek #winenight #winetasting #winelover #winelife #wineporn #winestagram #instawine #igerswine #vin #vino #lovewine #ilovewine #foodandwine #dessert #dessertporn

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What do you think your followers like most about what you do?

As we said earlier, we do this for fun, and it’s grown from simply sharing experiences and ideas with each other, so it’s very much a community. We think the quality of the photography has become perhaps the thing people like most.

And we never make the mistake of providing content that we think followers or audiences might want, we always talk about what interests us, and hope that enough people like what we produce.

We’re just everyday guys enjoying wine!