A bottle of wine is the perfect Christmas gift – here’s our guide to which ones work best. 

Our guide to Christmas wine gifts

The Classic Red

Suggestion: Hanwood Estate Shiraz

A balanced wine of black cherry, raspberry flavours complemented by subtle fine tannins and toasty mocha oak providing a palate that lingers. Good with slow-roasted lamb rubbed with Mediterranean herbs.

Give to: Fathers-in-law and brothers, or anyone with a tapas complex.

The Delicious, Clever Red

Suggestion: McW 660 Reserve Canberra Syrah

Why clever? Because this is a red with enough mass and might to satisfy those who like big antipodean reds. Harvested from vines grown at an average of 660 metres above sea level, this wine is medium bodied with intense flavour.

Give to: Red drinkers, your parents.

Smart Casual

Suggestion: Off the Press Shiraz Tempranillo

Inspired by the iconic stories of the McWilliam’s family throughout the decades and grown from the rich soils of New South Wales, this wine portrays one family’s passion for the art of winemaking. The Shiraz Tempranillo is bold and spicy; the perfect match for food.

Give to: Colleagues, and those you want to thank without being over the top.

Christmas celebrations are better with the right wine

Fancy White

Suggestion: 842 Tumbarumba Chardonnay

A powerful wine with great fruit intensity matched and balanced by creamy rich texture and the wonderful crisp slatey natural acidity of Tumbarumba, NSW. The melon and stone fruit flavours are perfectly ripe with a pure line of grapefruit acidity that drives the wine to fantastic depth and length, with an incredibly long, fresh and vibrant finish.

Give to: True friends.

The easy-but-classy white

Suggestion: McW 480 Tumbarumba Sauvignon Blanc

A fresh style showing intense passionfruit and other exotic tropical fruit flavours. The lively acidity & fruit sweetness is spot on coupled with a delicate mineral finish. This wine is perfect with seafood and summer salads.

Give to: Mothers-in-law and sisters, or white wine drinkers whose taste you don’t know.

The Sweet Tooth

Suggestion: Cream Apera

Technically, this is sherry (Apera in Australia). But it’s less a sherry and more a gorgeous, alcohol-raisin-like liquid to pour over ice cream. Goes down well in stockings.

Give to: Ice cream lovers and elderly aunts.

This is an edited version of a story that first appeared on The Telegraph.