Father’s Day is a time to celebrate everything we love about our dads. Whilst our dads can be strange and embarrassing, one thing we know for certain is that our dads like nothing more than spending time with the family over a delicious meal and a glass of wine. There are four types of dads out there, which one is your dad?

wines for Dad this Father's Day

The Socialite Dad

This dad loves nothing more than hosting a lunch or dinner for his family and close mates. Usually coinciding with the football, there is nothing sweeter then the combination of sport, wine and a BBQ for this dad. But don’t worry about asking to lend a helping hand, this dad is a master-chef who loves to entertain. You keep hearing that his home made chicken wings are to die for, so pair them with a Pinot Noir, a subtle red that will complement the fried chicken and moreish sides.

The Wineing down dad should enjoy the McWilliam's Show Reserve Topque

The ‘Wineing Down’ Dad

We may think this dad likes to wind down, but in fact he is all about ‘wineing down’. After a big day he likes nothing more than sitting by the fire, amongst his family with a book in one hand and a glass of wine in the other. The ‘wineing down’ process is more about polishing off a glass or two then a chapter, but we will never judge, we love this dad. The 25yr old Topaque can be paired with any novel and is a fantastic complement to any cheese board.

Cabernet Sauvignon for the sophisticated Dad

The Sophisticated Dad

This dad loves to eat out with the family. Any excuse to visit the latest and trendiest restaurant, this dad is there. You will hear about the ambience as soon as you enter the restaurant. Nothing influences his post dining experience review more than the ambience. If your dad tends to eat seafood recommend a cool climate Chardonnay, if he loves his meat, a Single Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon from the Hilltops will be a perfect match, he will be very impressed.

Shiraz will suit the Fun Dad

The Fun Dad

This is the dad that never grew up. The household prankster. You are constantly in a state of paranoia as this dad always loves to hide behind doors scaring the life out of the family. Nothing excites this dad more than a burger with all kinds of toppings. This dad never holds back, he is a burger artiste. With his meaty burger, serve a glass of Shiraz.

What kind of dad do you have?