With more than 135 years and six generations of winemaking experience, McWilliam’s has a long and prestigious history in producing fortified wines. With its wealth of knowledge, McWilliam’s affords its vintage fortifieds the time to cellar and release them only when they reach optimum maturity.

Senior Winemaker Russell Cody is honoured to introduce this new range of rare fortified wines. “With McWilliam’s being so rich in history of fortified winemaking in Australia, it simply makes sense that we made and bottled these beautiful aged wines which have been in barrel for many years. Having worked on these wines for over 10 years, I am so happy to see them finally in the market for everyone to enjoy. I am a proud custodian of these great wines and thrilled that I can now share them with our valued customers.”

McWilliam’s Show Reserve Rare Tawny NV

This Show Reserve Rare Tawny is matured in French oak barrels for 25 years to give you a rich and full palate of raisins, dark chocolate and Christmas pudding with a smooth luscious finish. Prefect to pair with cheese and fruit platters, but also fantastic with dark chocolate, nuts or a rich sticky date pudding.

McWilliam’s Show Reserve Rare Muscat NV

This Show Reserve Rare Muscat delivers a palate of concentrated raisin and fruit mince tart characters with a rich and lingering finish. Try matching it with desserts, such as pecan pie or salted caramel for a delicious experience.

McWilliam’s Show Reserve Rare Topaque NV

This Show Reserve Rare Topaque is matured in French oak barrels for 25 years to give you a luscious palate with complex flavours which include malt, toffee and nut. Sweet brown spices and Christmas cake are also present. Best matched with desserts such as Christmas pudding and chocolate mud cake.