Australia is blessed with some of the most stunning expressions of produce in the world – including its grapes! This Australia Day we have decided to share some ideas from our friends at Better Homes and Gardens Magazine on how to make Aussie produce into amazing celebrations of freshness for all occasions.

Vibrant Vegetarian

Diverse and packed full of flavour, vegetarian dishes can make a great option for summer dining. For a salad with great layers of texture and a fresh palate, try this Beetroot and Orange Salad the perfect option for a long lunch or dinner. Even carnivores will enjoy this delicious salad as a great BBq side dish.

Perfect Wine Matches

McW 480 Sauvignon Blanc – McW 480 Sauvignon Blanc is a great summer option for this menu. The Herbaceous notes of this wine works well with the root vegetable elements in the dishes while the lively tropical fruit flavours will make the summer produce sing!

McW 480 Shiraz – this yogurt dominant menu needs a red wine with bright acid to cut through the cream and elevate the dishes. The elegant cool climate McW 480 Shiraz will bring its moreish dark fruit and hints of pepper spice to play really well with the earthy style dishes while not being overwhelmed. The medium body style is perfect for a summer day when slightly chilled.

Fruits of the Sea

Australians are incredibly lucky to not only be able to source amazing produce from the land but also from the sea. Seafood has always been a staple for Australia Day entertaining and these Grilled Prawns with Sweet Corn and Caramelised Coconut Dressing are an easy and striking offering for your table. Prawns are perfect cooked on the BBq or griddle pan.

Perfect Wine Matches

McW Alternis Vermentino – this is the ultimate seafood wine! Vibrant and minerally this wine will play really well with the citrus in the dishes and cut through the richer elements of the trifle etc for a refreshing finish.

McW Alternis Tempranillo – the elegance and medium bodied style of this Spanish native will make the plum and prosciutto offer a great depth of flavour with its palate of blackcurrant, pomegranate and dark cherry. This juicy and vibrant wine is young and fresh without overwhelming the delicate seafood in the line-up. This wine is a stunner served chilled.

Try Something New on the BBQ

For those who like to take their entertaining up a notch, the BBQ is a great option for imparting amazing flavour to a wide range of meats. Combined with stunning seasonal produce, dishes like this Pork Belly with Black Pepper Cherry Caramel will wow guests and elevate any backyard dining into a stylish affair.

Perfect Wine Matches

McW 660 Reserve Chardonnay – the most versatile grape in the vineyard will also be an all rounder at your table! The McW 660 Reserve Chardonnay is a cool climate style so the bright citrus and peach flavours dominate – perfect to cut through the richness in the meal while celebrating the elegance of the white meats on offer. The rich and creamy mouthfeel alongside some spicy oak character will also help it stand up to the more substantial dishes. Pro tip: take the Chardonnay out of the fridge 20 minutes before serving to get the best expression of this wine.

McW 660 Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon – Do not be afraid of bolder reds in Summer – they can pay off in spades. This menu would suit the medium bodied McW 660 Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon down to the ground! Lashings of silky cassis and blood plum flavours will bring to life the proteins while the spice and dark chocolate will reward generously with the fruit elements and richer aspects of the meal.

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