Matching fresh seafood with the right wine is guided by the characteristics of the seafood. See the best seafood & wine pairings to ensure the perfect match.

seafood and wine matching

Semillon Sauvignon Blanc and Fish & Chips

This light and refreshing wine will cut through the oil and batter perfectly. A textural wine complemented with an acid backbone, it works wonderfully with fish and chips.

Moscato and Prawns

A dose of Moscato is like adding a fresh spritz of lemon dressing to your prawns. Enjoyed both chilled on a hot summer’s day!

Shiraz and Swordfish

Heavier, meatier seafood dishes, like grilled swordfish, hold up well with red wines like a medium bodied, fresh Shiraz.

seafood and wine matching chart

Sauvignon Blanc and Scallops

Sauvignon Blanc allows the distinct grassy and buttery notes of the scallops to shine through.

Pinot Noir and Salmon

Pinot Noir stands up to the richness of the salmon while still being light and bright enough to pair with fish.

Vermentino and Squid

A soft, creamy and medium bodied Vermentino is the perfect pairing for pan-fried salt and pepper squid.

seafood and wine matching explained

Pinot Grigio and Sea Bass

A milder fish, Pinot Grigio provides a brightness that allows the subtle flavours to come forward.

Rosé and Crab

Crab delivers a rich sweetness that goes perfectly with a subtly sweet Rosé.

Chardonnay and Trout

Trout delivers great flavour that goes well with the roundness and acidity of a good Chardonnay.

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